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Since 1999, DentalPlans.com has helped more than 1 million people save at the dentist. Members enjoy a healthier life with affordable access to high-quality, affordable dental care through Dental Savings Plans

Dental Savings Plans are affordable solutions to under and un-insured patients. DentalPlans.com works directly with more than 30 dental savings plan networks to offer insurance alternatives to budget-conscious patients. DentalPlans.com is contracted to market and administer dental savings plans for these network partners.


How Dental Savings Plans Benefit Patients & Dentists

Cost is the biggest reason people delay dental care. Dental Savings Plans from DentalPlans.com provide savings for patients, along with no annual limits, no health restrictions, quick plan activation and a low-cost annual membership fee.
What does this mean for a dental office? They can retain budget-conscious patients and increase treatment plan acceptance rates. If patients cannot afford their treatment plan, dental savings plans are the solution to help them continue treatment and keep them coming back.

Over 30 Well Known & Trusted Network Partners

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New Patients

Dental offices are featured on the largest online marketplace of Dental Savings Plans with over 2 million visits each month. By claiming their free profile, they can expand and personalize their practice’s online presence.


Existing Patients

Dental Savings Plans encourage patients to complete comprehensive treatment plans that may have not been able to afford high priced procedures. They also reduce administrative headaches by getting paid at the time of service.


Dormant Patients

Our marketing program motivates inactive patients to return to complete their treatment plans with use of our free, customizable marketing materials.

Dentists receive immediate access to all the tools & resources they need to serve patients & grow their practice.

Reach new patients & generate appointment requests

Retain and reactivate dormant patients

Improve patient dental experience

Increase treatment plan acceptance rates

As a future integration component of the new Henry Schein One platform, DentalPlans.com brings years of experience in dentist marketing, technology and data analytics to the Henry Schein One family and affordable saving solutions to their broad consumer reach.